We have built a lovely relationship with Bayworld in Gqeberha and we are the contact group for stranded or dead sea mammals in the St Francis area.

We have been called out for numerous seals and several whales, many sea birds and a number of turtles.   When the animals are dead, we take samples and send them to Bayworld for their records.  When they are live animals, we rescue them and send them to the appropriate bodies for treatment.

For example, we rescued four Arctic Seal pups which were sent to Bayworld for rehabilitation and later release.   On another occasion we were called out for a Green Turtle in the river mouth.   It was struggling to swim, and Bayworld later reported that this was because of an air bubble under its shell.    This animal was also successfully treated and released after about three weeks at Bayworld.   We are often called for penguins, which are sent to SANNCOB in Gqeberha, while other injured birds are generally sent to African Dawn if they cannot be successfully treated locally.

A special plea to holiday makers relates to turtles particularly – please think twice before buying balloons.    Balloons are banned in the annual water fights because the floating remains are mistaken for food by turtles and other marine life, with fatal consequences.