The Heritage Centre at Granny’s Pool is our home base and here we curate our Ocean Museum in conjunction with Bruce’s Ocean Cafe.    Bruce’s, run by an independent operator, contributes much-needed funds for our environmental work and allows the museum to be continually open.   The combination provides food for mind and body and we try to stimulate the imagination with our exhibits while Bruce’s coffee stimulates the system.

Sharing the space means we can focus on only one feature of our extraordinary environment – the ocean.   A fish tank brings live exhibits close, while video footage gives us a unique window on the wider maritime world and all its wonders.   Hand-crafted models of local fish species, produced by a local craftsman, are on display and may even be available for sale if one asks.   And while it’s not entirely ocean-specific, copies of The Monument Around Us, a history of St Francis, are also on sale at the museum.